About Me


I was born in Pune, Maharastra, the most urbane state of India – financial, commercial and entertainment hub of India. In contrast, I was then educated by Swiss nuns, in remote villages of Northern and Western India.

Then in London, since 1985, I have been teaching children of all abilities and all ages. For me, the profession of teaching had come as a natural outgrowth of my own notable experiences at school. I had revered my teachers for exemplifying humility, even though they exerted tremendous influence over our young minds, and I admired how dutifully they served our needs.

Later in life, as a young mother of three, I serendipitously became a teacher myself and found straight away that it was my calling. My courage, commitment and conviction resolved to give my own children and students, in turn, all that had been bestowed upon me. Teaching became a way of life in my family and an ardent passion. Then I became my grandkids’ first teacher. Similarly, most of my current students are children of my x-students. As a second-generation teacher/mentor, I can say with conviction, whatever the reason for a child’s attendance, my methods of teaching are proven to have brought success. Whether they are mini geniuses or in need of building confidence, I have the right approach to ensure that your child develops in the most effective manner.

I am seen as a special educationist driven by desire and passion committed to the pursuit of excellence. During my experience of over 4 decades, I have learnt that education is not about teaching but learning. It is not just about knowledge; it is about action. It is about YOU – your inner self, your worth and your sixth sense. Therefore, what you do with the knowledge you gain is equally important to having it. Keeping this in mind, it is my desire to enable students to build self-traits like: self-confidence, self-discipline, self-worth, self-awareness and self-control; I take pride in instilling these fine qualities in my students.

Over and above the mere teaching of core material, for achieving learning results, children must learn how to learn. I am known for my very simple innovative educational techniques that work more than complicated jargon worksheets and incomprehensible instructions comprising of hard words. My metacognition approach is about instilling habits in students to become independent learners by teaching them how to take control of their own learning. In the long run, learners who use metacognitive strategies are likely to be able to achieve more than their counterparts.

I use my innate teaching ability to help my students to build life skills, such as aptitude, artistry and the ability to deal with stress and frustration without compromising on learning time. I think, education is not an empty cup; it is about so much more than mere factual knowledge. It is also about developing one’s inner self and one’s intuitive capabilities above and beyond just useful facts.

In my spare time, I enjoy Ballroom and Latin Dancing. During lockdown, I visited my childhood passion of playing piano and now I offer basic piano lessons to beginners. Besides my vocational activities, there are 3 things I cannot live without; my family, my grandkids and my innate and visceral feelings.

I grew up in a family who believed in Education and discipline. It is both of these, times by 100 made me the woman I am. I got exported, in a suitcase, to Tanzania, in East Africa where my 3 lovely children were born. My circumstances brought me to live in London, permanently 1990 in my very early thirties. I did not want to join the rat race and decided to be home, with my three spirited children, where I taught them, cooked, kept the house studied further to build my career. Being a full-time mum is the best job in the world but also the hardest and not always the most fulfilling for various reasons. Then a magical thing happened: I discovered my love for writing. And over the course of a couple of life-changing decades, I wrote my first novel Maya. It is a true story demonstrating the power that resides within you by weathering personal trials, by picking yourselves up time and time again and serving as a role model.

Food and Nutrition: My new founded interest in the unique connection of Mind-Body-Soul has inspired me to educate about nutrition and how it plays a part in understanding that our body is our universe. It seems complicated but it is as simple as this….Just like nourishment is connected to the loving awareness of the universe, so are we! When we choose food wisely to strengthen metabolism function, we connect to Nature’s powerful healing elements. My recent healing experience has provided me with first-hand experience, and I am keen to share this priceless knowledge with others. This is why I offer free Food and Nutrition advise.

Education & Training

  • BA in Multidisciplinary Studies and Food for life Nutrition
  • MA PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • Training Certificate: Advanced Language Development 
  • Training Certificate: Preventing Bullying
  • Training Certificate: Learning Through Play
  • Training Certificate: Digital Resilience
  • Training Certificate: Supporting Children with SEND in Early Years
  • Training Certificate: Certificate SEND code of Practice
  • Training Certificate: Certificate of Excellence in Teaching
  • Training Certificate: Dyslexia Awareness
  • Training Certificate: ADHD Awareness
  • Training Certificate: Autism Awareness
  • Training Certificate: Improve Children’s Learning through Play
  • Training Certificate: Speech Language and Communication
  • Training Certificate: Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Training Certificate: Early Years – Language Development
  • Training Certificate: Improving Children’s Learning
  • Training Certificate: Enhance Mental Capacity
  • Training Certificate: Early Years – Equality and Inclusion
  • Training Certificate: Equality and Diversity
  • Training Certificate: Child Protection – L4
  • Exam Certificate: Child Protection – L3
  • Exam Certificate: Child Neglect
  • Exam Certificate: Child Online Safety
  • Exam Certificate: Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • Exam Certificate: Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation

Membership of Professional Bodies 

  • Professional member of The Chartered College of Teaching 
  • Professional member of the Royal Society of Authors
  • Professional member of the National Handwriting Association


  • Excellence in Teaching 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021