Author: Teren Hanz

Let’s celebrate Spring!

Spring is the season during which the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the cold winter months. Throughout winter buds remain closed and inactive, surviving the cold until their time comes to flourish in the #spring, making a vibrant appearance from their compressed casing.
How amazing is that!

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Treasure Your Tresses

Like skin, hair reveals age. Your scalp is an extension of your skin and requires the same care as your face.

Hair really matters! It can make-or-break career opportunities, cause depression and affect confidence. Limp listless hair brings your whole face and body down. So, the important thing is to look after your crown of glory while it’s still healthy to save from getting unhealthy.

Your hair is you – amazing-&-unique as the person it belongs to whether it is long/short, big, curly, straight, red, blue or green. Despite all these apparent differences, hair has similarities.

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Happy International Women’s Day

Women bring something unique to the table wherever they go; the priceless soft skills that women possess mobilise life at work and at home. Women are problem solvers. Their communication skills enable to create bond and form connections with people; they grease the wheels of communication with empathy and consideration. The concept of women helping other women while indicating just how powerful a force they can be together. Women excel in emotional intelligence; their leadership style strengthen the work ethics and ethos, build teamwork and enhance critical rational skills. Their unique sense of awareness allows them to pick up on smaller nuances while learning and understanding others around them. They are resilient which helps them manage themselves in a crisis.

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Grammar – the breathing power of language!

The #60’s was a decade of great fashion – people dressed up for most occasions and used accessories to highlight their attire. I personally think, having #goodpunctuation, #goodgrammar, #goodspelling is like adding accessories to your writing. And, ultimately getting great joy and a pay-off adding these fixtures and fittings to your writing.

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