When you remain silent, you will have the powerful #opportunitytolearn about yourself. This is because being silent sharpens your whole being; every pore of ‘being’.

During my very busy days, enjoying silent sessions brought about powerful physiological changes in my body that enabled me to stay calmer and helped me sort out my thoughts and emotions. Even in public settings, simple silence assists me; in my classrooms with students, for example, my relative silence seems to be-calm youngsters and encourage them to self-maintain order and discipline.

At the heart, it is about being #mindfullysilent which is an effective method to get you better acquainted with yourself. Although the process of developing mindfulness can be relatively straightforward, in this high-speed age of ours, it can prove one whale of a challenge. Realising its value, silence became a portion of my #everydaylife, and I never felt a void that needed filling by way of constant companionship. I immensely enjoyed solo pursuits. Although, I noticed that some people were uncomfortable with this. I think it was because of this nature of mine that I could achieve my full potential and achieve the unthinkable goals in my life.

In fact, more so than ever, embracing silence is crucially needed in this frantic, fast-paced world. Only when there is silence can you listen to your heart and make good positive decisions. It’s about developing a passion for your soul. And part of this is to grant your spirit a well-deserved house in which to dwell.

Too much noise chips away from your core and leaves you drained. Noise from the TV and outdoors, or even being with people-pleasing disconnects you from your own self. As a result, you can lose yourself. Over time, you can stop knowing who you are, what you value, and what your body needs to function at its best. Your focus is on the outside of yourself, on other people and their achievements. You worry about why you are not-like-others. This thinking gets in the way; you lose your sense of self-worth, which ultimately leads to stress.

Aligning mind, body, and spirit and getting to know yourself is the only way to reach your #fullpotential. Too often, we do things in such a way as to gain the acceptance of others, especially in youth. This arrangement has benefits for it has good underlying sense. Unfortunately, however, this otherwise healthful conformity has outgrown itself to the point that it squelches independent thought, limiting us severely not just in youth but from the cradle to the grave and making us dash about madly trying to match up to every standard out there except our own. The net result is that we become more removed from our inner selves with each passing season.

As we mature from childhood, as we gain experience all our own and can begin to read an internal compass, we must each look over our own shoulder and be our own impartial spectator who sets the standards. We must build confidence in ourselves to steer our own ship and to do it well. That way, we will learn to approve or disapprove of our actions, as and when we please. When there are occasions when we disapprove of our own course or actions, it will not crush our confidence because we will take personal responsibility for righting the ship ourselves. 

My nature of  #talking less gave me steely determination and #innerstrength to embrace times of difficulty in a positive light while staying calm and collected and composed. Result – it only opened doors for opportunities!