While I wait for the release of my chronicle, I am delighted to share with you a transformative thought. My healing journey and dramatic recovery from debilitation and dire medical prognoses back to health, testifies that one’s body is meant to heal and regenerate itself, if only it is offered the opportunity to do so. Although my voyage has been like a military operation but I can say that my diagnosis has been the best thing that happened to me. My new life has given me a renewed sense of purpose to live a meaningful life in a meaningful universe. And what is our universe? It’s our body – own it and look after it.

Look out for: Walk the Talk – a testament to the power of Mind, Body and Spirit.



Maya is a striking memoir about re-discovering the power that resides within. It derives even greater strength in being drawn from the experiences of an entire generation of women who dared to dream of a more equitable world, and who dared to evolve themselves to make that new world a reality.

Walk The Talk


Read the true story of Teren’s journey to health underpinned by one decisive factor – making a choice. After being diagnosed with a debilitating condition, she had two options: to accept and languish or fight and thrive. Teren chose to fight and started a consistent regime of regular walks and smarter food choices, which formed the basis of a remarkable recovery.