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I am Teren – teacher/mentor and author. I am passionate about sharing my life experiences. With every life experience I have had, I have become stronger and better equipped for the next challenge that life brought. I am fascinated and inspired by the strength of the human spirit, by the fact that no matter how hopeless we feel and how dark life can be, we do have the courage, strength and conviction to push through our challenging moments.

Come along…let’s connect. Accompany me on my exciting journey from being a teacher/mentor to a survivor and now an Author and a Petitioner.


To Nurture, To engage, To challenge – Enjoy the journey as much as the journey’s end

Desire to Succeed: It’s my desire that pupils achieve their full potential

My services include:

  • Homeschooling and one-to-one Tuition: 4 to 14 years
  • Entrance Exam training 7+, 11+ & 13+ Maths & English (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
  • Employability and Functional Skills coaching – Adults
  • Express Reading – from beginners to advanced
  • Creative Writing lessons and Penmanship

Latest publication

Discover Teren’s latest book publicaiton, Walk the Talk, a personal memoire celebrating the power of the human mind and spirit.

Read the true story of Teren’s journey to health underpinned by one decisive factor – making a choice. After being diagnosed with a debilitating lung condition, she had two options: to accept and languish or fight and thrive. Teren chose to fight and started a consistent regime of regular walks and smarter food choices, which formed the basis of a remarkable recovery.

Inpiring as it is informative, this is a chronicle aimed to help others rise up and become the best version of themselves.

After our older son passed his 11+ exams having got trained by Ms Hans, we didn’t need to look elsewhere but use her services for our daughter. In a short time, she became more confident and improved in literacy and numeracy. Then the pandemic broke and we thought how a 6-year-old child will learn on zoom? But we were amazed at how Ms Hans regulates pupils remotely. She provides homework to support learning of lesson then she goes through it properly pointing mistakes. Correcting mistakes has helped our daughter to do better next time. She is now able to check her own work before handing it in. We think, Ms Hans’s teaching is very special. She has all the skills to bring the best out of a child, whether it is personal or zoom lessons. We were surprised, our daughter also learnt joint up handwriting on zoom. And that’s because of Ms Hans tolerant attitude. She has a way of making children work hard but they still love her

Rama P.

Ms Hans taught me through the 80’s and 90’s and now she is teaching my children who are 7 and 5. Due to the lockdown, I could not imagine stopping lessons and we have been doing zoom lessons. I was a bit worried about how a 5 year old will adjust to zoom lessons. But everything has been going really well. Ms Hans understands children; she is intitutive and positions herself to get the best out of a child. My kids have made during lockdown in all their core subjects, maths, english and science. The resourses Ms Hans uses are effective to engage and challenge children. She is firm but fair; my kids are always looking forward to the lessons. Recently, she has been awarded Certificate of Excellence in teaching. I would add to it: if anybody is an architect of a private lesson, it is Ms Hans. I would recommended her wholeheartedly.

Karen T.

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