Try Teren’s tried and tested teaching technique!

What is your approach of teaching?

I use metacognition strategies. It is about learning how-to-learn. My skills of engaging disengaged and disadvantaged learners help them take control of their own learning, instil habits to monitor their learning which enables them to become independent learners and achieve results.

My son makes same mistakes again and again. How would you help him?

I believe in early intervention; I am more interested in inaccuracy than accuracy. I oversee meticulously and stop pupils before they make a mistake. If bad habits of making mistakes are already ingrained, I endeavour to fix them first.

How do you motivate pupils?

My theme of nurturing, engaging and challenging runs parallel in my mind whilst working. I help to improve their confidence and concentration which in turn helps pupils’ performance followed by encouragement every step of the way with stickers and praise and helping them understand concept of Cause-and-Effect. Pupils must appreciate ‘how’ and ‘why’ they are learning in order to develop their cognition skills. My steely determination and persistence enable me to get the best out of my pupils.

How do you improve pupils’ performance?

I am a pioneer in understanding and pinpointing the reasons behind poor performance and lack of motivation at school. I know my time with my students is ultimately brief, so I try to make as much of a positive impact as possible through example and instruction.
What do you do when they get bored in your lesson?
There is no such thing as boredom; if it happens – it is quite normal. If it does kick in, we just change activity smoothly without making it a big deal.

Do you guarantee that my child will pass his/her exam – 7+, 11+ or whatever the case may be?

It is a very simple question, but the answer isn’t a binary one. There are various factors, such as: when your child starts training, what is the ability of the child, is he/she self-motivated and a proactive learner, Does he/she have family support, what is the area you live in? And, so and so forth. However, I put my heart and soul in my teaching; my ultimate aim is to produce results which is my motivation itself, leave alone just of the pupils.

How soon will my child start showing progress?

My time with my pupils is very precious and I regard theirs equally. So, you will start seeing progress from the very first week of attendance.

My child is very difficult; he never wants to sit to study. Can you help?

I have a fearless conviction to succeed that rubs onto my pupils too. My passion leaves an everlasting impression on my pupils; they look forward to their lessons, lesson after lesson.

Is online tutoring more effective than face-to-face tutoring?

Online tutoring can serve as effective as face-to-face teaching. I have various cameras on my desk for children to see comfortably what I am showing and explaining. And parents can have seamless transition to video and play it back as and when they want. Online learning stimulates the brain involving greater use of the senses, students develop intuitive experience and this kind of learning allows a dynamic interaction between the teacher and student.

Do you recommend home schooling?

Education has changed. Home schooling leaves enough time for children to pursue other activities and talents, such as sports, drama and dance, whilst also studying the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Who’d benefit by home schooling?

Home schooling would benefit those who are shy or withdrawn, highly gifted or those who just do better in a very small group size. It is also popular with parents visiting the UK, or on short trips who don’t want their children to fall behind in their studies while they do their business.

How many hours do children have to study for home schooling?

Home-schooling can be arranged for a short or long term for any number of hours.

I would like to my twins to start lessons. Can we speak with any of parent to get first-hand feedback?

The reviews on Yell are first-hand reviews. Please click on the link. And feel free to send a message if you would like to talk to me.

How and when are the fees paid?

The assessment fee is paid before the slot is booked. Lesson fees are paid termly in advance; in special circumstances, a monthly fee is acceptable.