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Petition: Deal with health complaints appropriately and stop turning people into patients

People are being turned into patients without fair assessment. Excess prescriptions are ending up in our sewage. And NHS is facing unprecedented economic strain.

Did you know? Three out of 4 prescriptions doctors give are wholly unnecessary. The money wasted on these prescriptions could pay annual salaries for up to 20,000 nurses in the UK.

Petition: Empower patients to address root causes of health problems before seeing a GP

Patients see a dietician and visit clinics such as: Go clinic, Sleep-clinic, Breathing clinic, Exercise-clinic – all available free on NHS before seeing a GP.

What’s the problem? Thousands of people die unnecessarily in the UK every year from
preventable causes, such as obesity, smoking, and malnutrition.

Petition: Add curriculum targets to very young people about digestive and immune systems, breathing, and diet

The culture of how children understand food and their bodies; teach young children via animal documentaries; encourage children to grow kitchen gardens in their homes.

The problem? The government does not provide a standardised curriculum for PSHE education, leaving many children without proper education about their bodies, nutrition, and the importance of breathing.